Reordering Search Results to Support Learning

fevereiro 17, 2020 § Deixe um comentário


Teixeira C.P., Tibau M., Siqueira S.W.M., Nunes B.P. (2020) Reordering Search Results to Support Learning. In: Popescu E., Hao T., Hsu TC., Xie H., Temperini M., Chen W. (eds) Emerging Technologies for Education. SETE 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11984. Springer, Cham.

Abstract: Although many learning activities involve search engines, their ranking criteria are focused on providing factual rather than procedural information. In the context of Searching as Learning, providing factual information may not be the best approach. In this paper, we discuss the relevance criteria according to traditional learning theories to support search engine results reordering based on content suitability to learning purposes. We proceeded on the investigation by selecting some self-proclaimed search literacy experts to answer thoroughly questions about their views on the reordered results. We take into account that literacy expert’s judgment may reveal issues regarded to technical side on learning supported by search tools. Experienced users claimed a preference for reliable sources and direct answers to what they are looking for, as they have exploratory skills to overcome information incompleteness.


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